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About Us

After a combined four decades of working individually on teams within agencies, event production companies, corporate marketing and UX, we teamed up to create a new kind of studio that caters to companies in need of seasoned design talent that can jump in and rapidly deliver.

We partner with everyone from small businesses and startups, to some of the world's biggest brands, bringing our unique skills and experience to the individual needs of our clients. 


We'll extend your brand across presentation templates and pitch decks, event and promotional graphics, social media graphics, UI, web banners, landing pages, print, and more.

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Darla Wigginton

Darla's years as a presentation designer have included designing for tech, social media, education, finance, healthcare, blockchain, retail, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, cyber security, fashion, and the performing arts.


Her superpower is understanding what it takes to tell a story in a compelling way, while having the experience to juggle all the complexities of getting it there.

Her approach to presentation design is built on developing partnerships with people who span all areas of a business, from sales teams to C-suite, from solo business owners to large event management teams.

Darla uses a strategic system for project intake and management, and iterates in a way that delivers creative and compelling stories and designs.

Her early career as a professional classical singer (with companies like San Francisco Opera and SF Symphony) have shaped the way she designs presentations and tells stories visually. The skills learned and honed in decades of onstage performances have helped her bring the same creativity and passion for world-class experiences to her clients.

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Skott Reader

Skott is a seasoned visual and graphic designer. With a career spanning two decades working on both UX and marketing teams, he has left his creative mark on a diverse range of industries, including education, fintech, blockchain, retail, small business, and social media.

Skott takes an empathetic approach to design that is deeply rooted in understanding business objectives, user needs, and customer expectations. Clients and peers alike have praised him for his patient demeanor, ability to articulate design decisions and rationales, and a talent for quickly grasping a brand or design system and applying or extending it to any manner of deliverable.

His collaborative spirit ensures that clients, stakeholders, and executives who aren't designers are included in the creative process, resulting in well-informed and successful design outcomes.

Prior to  his career as a visual designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, Skott worked in the film and television industry in Los Angeles as a music coordinator—working on a few films for Oliver Stone, among other directors—set production assistant, set designer, and assistant cameraperson on features, television, commercials, and industrial films.

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"Darla helped us lay the foundation for several crucial presentations, including our Annual Report and the Women’s Agenda—offering excellent design layouts and visual messaging in a way that helped the content shine, with a mix of professionalism and power."

Rachel O'Leary Carmona

Executive Director at The Women's March

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